Chorizo blanco 200 g. Salchichon


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This white chorizo is marinated with pepper instead of paprika unlike the more traditional red chorizo. It is a classic tapas dish or can can be served as a tasty starter.

This salchichon is made in Segovia, central Spain using traditional artisan methods



Meat content: Per 100g of final product, 155g of pork meat has been used.

Ingredients: Selected lean pork, salt, LACTOSE, dextrose, sugar, dextrin, spices.
Emulsifiers E-450i, E-451i. Antioxidant E-316. Preservatives E-252, E-250. Colourant E-120

Weight: 200g

Filled into natural pork casings.

Shelf life: Minimum 4 months.

Vacuum packed.

Store in a cool and dry place.

Once open keep refrigerated.

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