Jamon Iberico de Bellota. Iberico ham acorn fed


£430.00 £350.00

This is a full leg (approximately 8 Kg) of acorn-fed, Iberico ham – the absolute highest grade of Spanish ham in existence.  We tasted a lot of hams before we settled on this one – it’s absolutely superb.

  • The absolute highest grade of ham available
  • Acorn fed, black-footed Iberian pork
  • Cured for 36 months for incredible flavour

Works at £43.75/kilo.




Let’s break down the characteristics so we you can find out more information about why to buy Iberico instead of Serrano, why from Guijuelo and why from us.

Jamon: Spanish for ‘ham’.  Easy.

Iberico:  An ‘Iberico’ ham is fundamentally different from a ‘Serrano’ ham because the pig used is a different race – the black-footed, Iberian pig.  The properties of the meat produced by this pig are what gives Iberico ham it’s highly sought-after characteristics: a richer, darker colour; a stronger, more complex flavour; fine marbling running through the meat etc.

Bellota: Spanish for ‘Acorn’, but designating that the pig is entirely acorn fed.  For a ham to be ‘Iberico’, it must be a black-footed pig, but acorn feeding is not compulsory.  Acorn feeding adds another, exquisite level to the flavour of the ham and makes it the most sought-after and delicious.

Guijuelo: a town and surrounding area in Salamanca, famous for the production of Iberico meats.

Full Leg:  This is an on-the-bone ham that will weigh approximately 8 kilos.  It will have to be stored on a ham holder and hand carved.  This is the best and most natural way to enjoy fine Spanish ham.

36 months:  This ham is brought to market in the 3rd year after slaughter, which means it has been cured for 36 months.  The longer a ham cures, the longer it has to develop the exquisite flavours and textures typical of Ibericos.  Needless to say, 3 years is a long curation time.