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The Spanish Hamper brings to you an Arberquina variety olive oil, from Granada, Andalucia.

It is a light, delicate texture and sweet oil. Its flavor is sweet and fruity with hints of apple and almond. Notes of ripe fruit in the aroma. It is very fresh and fruity.



The Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the finest quality of olive oil you can get. It is a natural juice which preserves Olives with all their properties for both the palate and health. It is the only vegetable oil that can be consumed raw, without refining or grinding, fully preserving their content of vitamins, essential fatty acids and other natural products of high dietary significance.

To achieve a high quality oil, we only get the oil from the first pressing, this is a partial extraction, representing 30% of the content in the olive, and always obtained by mechanical processes, avoiding all that time warm, so keep all its properties and attributes intense fruity, sweet and mild taste, light notes of bitter and spicy, nutty and very aromatic.

By following this process, we can distinguish the oil depending on the olives they come from; This olive oil is made with Arberquina olive,a golden oil with almondy, fruity flavours.

Highly recommended for vegetables (fresh or cooked) and fish (steamed or grilled).
It is best suited for delicate dishes oil (sauces, pastries …) and in general any type of plate that he wants to avoid a strong flavored oil, then add flavor without covering others.

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