Padron peppers


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Most popular Galicia pepper

They only grown in the town of Padrón, La Coruña, northwestern Spain. These are small peppers (about 5 cm long), with a color ranging from bright green to yellowish green. Their peculiarity lies on the fact that, while their taste is usually mild, a minority (about 10 %) are particularly hot. Whether a given pepper ends up being hot or mild depends on the amount of water and sunlight it receives during its growth.



Pimientos de Padrón are amazingly tasty, tiny fresh peppers originally from Galicia in northwest Spain. Sizzled in olive oil and sprinkled with sea salt, they have a delicious flavor and most are mild. But once in a while you will bite into a spicy pepper.

Presented in a 500 gr bag.

Please Note: As this is a fresh vegetable product, we bring small batches on a weekly basis. We’re currently out of stock. e-mail us and we will let you know when they are on stock.

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