Nietro crianza red wine. Calatayud



One of our favourite wines. Strong, smooth and minerally.  
1- High altitude vineyard.   2- Slate soil.  3- Rough weather,  4- Garnacha old vines,  5- Aged for just 4 months.
The mix of  the above give a superb wine as a result. 
  • Grape variety: Garnacha
  • D.O. Calatayud
  • Vintage: 2018
  • Colour: Bright burgundy wine with medium-depth.
  • Nose: Wild berry aromas, secondary aromas featuring tobacco
  • Palate: Dry wine. Strong, smooth & minerally. Smooth in the mouth
  • Vineyards: Very old vines located up in the mountain at 900 metres altitude in a watershed area. Soil is rocky, with a high amount of pebbles and slates. These features make it find us with a unique vineyard, able to express the true personality of the Garnacha grape.
  • Wine Making / Aging: Manual harvest in 2o kilo crates. Fermentation took place at 26º C in stainless steel deposits, macerating for 14 days. The wine is transferred to French Oak barriques along with its lees (dead yeast cells and other particles remaining in a wine after fermentation. They settle as sediment or creamy mud at the bottom of the fermenting barrique) and ages for 4 months. Then is bottled and left to age for another 2 years.
  • Awards: 89 Points Vinous. Josh Raynolds
  • 75cl
  • 14.5% abv
  • Enjoy at 16° C
Its name, Nietro, comes from an ancient wine measuring unit equivalent to 16 large pitchers or 160 litres. 

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