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Grape variety:
100 % Airén.

Tasting Note:
Colour: Golden yellow, clear and bright.
Nose: Intense and fresh with hints of banana and tropical fruit.
Palate: In the mouth is fresh and delicate, thanks to the natural raciness. A certain sweetness in conveyed by the Airén which gives a structure and complexity. it has a backbone of magnificent acidity accompanied by a touch of fatness.

Goes well with salads and cold starters

Serve at 5 – 7º C



Harvested at early September in Toledos’ vineyard field, in La Mancha.

Best bunches are selected and macerated at a low temperature for 8 hours in order to extract aromas. We then drain off the juice and ferment at 15ºC. When the wine reaches 9% alcohol, the fermentation is blocked by chilling, hence killing the yeast in a natural way, with the result that un-transformed sugar remains in the wine and gives a natural sweetness in the mouth. This process is carried out in hermetic stainless steel tanks which retain part of the carbon dioxide produced by the fermentartion, giving the wine a natural zestiness.

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