Sobrasada from Mallorca

Sobrasada from Mallorca

Sobrasada is a spreadable chorizo from Mallorca we are introducing in the UK!


How does it work?

In Mallorca they prepare the chorizo in a much wider casing comparing with the traditional sausage from the peninsula.

As the humidity is very hight in the island, the chorizo gets cured but it doesn’t dry out.

After 30 – 35 days, when is already cured, we put the inside of the sausage (the paste) in a top for a more convenient use.

It is ready to be used! Just take it out from the fridge and play around with it. There are lots of recipes you can prepare.


How to use it? It goes well with everything!  Canapes, coocking, as it is!

– Spread on toast and then add some brie cheese on top

– Spread on a cracker and then add a quail fried egg on top

– Why not on a cracker and then add some nuts on top? Or honey?

– Mix it with the pasta!

– Fill a chicken breast with the spreadable chorizo and then put it in the oven