Jamon Iberico

Jamon Iberico

How to eat?

Eating jamón ibérico couldn’t be simpler. Enjoy thin slices at room temperature.Take your time and savor every bite. Notice the nutty undertones and butter-like mouthfeel. Our artisan jamón ibérico de bellota has a unique intense flavour, with a note of sweetness, created in part by the aroma of sweet acorns that our free-range Ibérico pigs feed on.

How to plate?

Good sliced bread is a must! A thin slice of jamón ibérico on a slice of bread (toasted or not) is really all you need. Many jamón lovers like to rub the slice of toasted bread with tomato and garlic, and add a bit of olive oil. On a warm day, you may want to try a refreshing plate of our jamón ibérico with some sliced melon. Feeling adventurous?

How to pair?

What should you drink with your jamón ibérico? That’s all a matter of personal taste. You’ll never go wrong with a glass of good red wine. On a sunny, warm day, you might simply prefer a good cold beer with your jamón ibérico!

How to carve?

There is no doubt that carving an ibérico ham by hand makes for a genuine, quality tasting experience. It’s a simple process as long as you have the right equipment. We carve it for you, your vacuum-sealed packs of sliced jamón ibérico are ready for you to enjoy!