Manchego pairing

Manchego pairing

5 Perfect Drink Pairings for Manchego Cheese

Manchego tastes great on its own. But with the dining season starting, it’s also a good idea to pair it with a suitable drink.

1. Make it vibrant with Tempranillo: The lively red fruit and dryness of this Spanish grape variety offer the perfect backdrop to the slightly acidic, strong and tasty flavors of Manchego. Since Tempranillo translates as “little early one” due its early ripening, it’s ironic that it matches up so well with a cheese that matures for up to two years. We are selling a range of Tempranillo wines on our site. It is the most used grape for the Rioja wines. Take me to a Rioja Crianza, Tempranillo grape

2. Freshen it up with Verdejo: Verdejo wines are aromatic, often soft and light-bodied. They smell like a big bowl of citrus and green apples, a fruitiness that makes for a great combination with Manchego. Verdejos, and especially Spanish Ruedas, are nowadays widely available across the UK.

3. Go pro with a La Mancha themed tasting: La Mancha has 9 wine Protected Designation of Origins and so one good idea might be pairing Manchego cheese with wines from the region. We are selling a fantastic Rose Tempranillo from La Mancha Take me to this Sparkling wine from La Mancha, Tempranillo

4. Make it classy with Sherry: This Andalusian wine is as layered and complex as Manchego cheese. Pairing any aged Manchego with a chilled Sherry wine creates a perfect tapa before lunch or a great post-dinner treat alongside dessert.

5. Try it with beer: Why not enjoy Manchego with beer? Nutty aged Manchego finds a good complement in malty beers like nut-brown ales, stouts and porters. The reason is the nut and caramel aromas of the beer are very harmonious with the ones you find in aged Manchegos.

Useful tips for identifying P.D.O. Manchego

Make sure you buy authentic Manchego by looking for the following elements on each cheese: the Manchego logo; the serial number – a combination of 5 numbers and 2 letters, exclusive to every cheese; a casein tab printed on the bottom of the cheese; the brand label containing the statements “made of 100% Manchega ewe’s milk”; and, in the case of a raw milk cheese, the word “artesano.”